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Think of it as a "quality assurance" check.

You have a creative vision for a story only you can tell.

Wouldn’t you rather know what “works” and “doesn’t work” while you’re still in the draft stage?


How it Works

We identify problems with your story before you send it for coverage

screenplay precoverage pricing


We review feature film scripts,
pilots, and more.

screenplay precoverage

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What We Do:

We will read your entire screenplay and assess fundamentals such as structure, plot, dialogue, character development, and more,
and provide notes explaining problems we’ve identified.


All too often, scripts get submitted for coverage to a producer or to a contest and have errors that could have been identified
and remedied in an earlier draft.


SDR wants to read the rough draft of your screenplay. We want to help you identify the parts of your screenplay where the storytelling doesn’t work.

SDR wants you to be happy with our service.

If you’re dissatisfied, we’ll give you your money back!

SDR has just one objective:

to help you identify storytelling problems while you’re still working on your draft. 

You have a story to tell.

SDR’s feedback will help you prioritize your efforts.